Group Lessons & Bands

Group lessons at Madison Meadow Music almost invariably turn into “band” format. Currently Scotty is coaching The Radioactive Burritos, The Troublemakers, The Food Frontier, Broken Physics, and Chaos Bear.

In the beginning, kids would generally bring songs of their choosing to the table,  and everyone would listen to the YouTube clip while Scotty took notes on the chords and arrangement to present to the group afterward. Although these student bands still do learn a “cover” from time to time, most of the group's material has evolved to what Scotty calls the “final frontier” of music: original songs.

The sheer amount of raw creativity and an unending stream of original ideas has been overwhelming recently, and thankfully the studio SmartBoard and online resources such as Google Docs and Google Drive have helped streamline the process significantly. Scotty is able to take notes on charts and any sort of brainstorming on the board in front of everyone, and at the end of a class he can export those notes into a PDF document that he can subsequently send by email and archive on the shared Google folder for everyone to access and add to.

And as the songs are finished and polished, the studio also has the technical resources to record demos of the new tunes to share with friends, family, and the world at large!

Group lessons are $30 per student for a 60 min session. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call/text (541) 972-3423 for more details.

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