Student Gallery

  • Emily Sangder

    Emily Sangder

    Emily Sangder is an 18 year old vocalist & guitarist from Eugene, Oregon. She has been involved with Scotty Perey and the Music Compass since 2007 when she first started taking guitar lessons. She has been singing since she was very young, and first joined choir when she was in the first grade. She Read More
  • Aaron O'Gara

    Aaron O'Gara

    Aaron O'Gara is an 18 year old musician attending South Eugene High School. He is involved in the Dorians Jazz choir as well as the Concert Choir there, with whom he just returned from New York with after their performance at Carnegie Hall. Read More
  • Jack McGaughey

    Jack McGaughey

    Hey team! My name is Jack Logan McGaughey, and I am a singer, songwriter, arranger, musician, and actor from Eugene, Oregon :) Facebook: Twitter: @jackloganmusic Instagram: @jackloganmusic Read More
  • The Troublemakers

    The Troublemakers

    WARNING: The Troublemakers live up to their name! Four 5th Grade girls who are, in their own words, “not to be trusted with our instruments” bring you original classics such “Sounds of Nature” “The Black And White Days” and “Scotty Perey To The Office (You’re In Trouble)” among many others. Jewel: “Hello, I Read More
  • The Radioactive Burritos

    The Radioactive Burritos

    The Radioactive Burritos come from an alternate dimension where they are known as The Chicken Kings. They will never stop making random songs about their arch-nemesis Greg who plays the exact same songs with different words. They are currently in production on their first video release, of their hit single "The Veggie Man." Read More
  • Broken Physics

    Broken Physics

    We are Zach Overman (drums, Oak Hill) Ryan Watts (guitar, O’Hara), and Liam Kaperick (keys, bass, guitar, drums, ice skating, snowboarding, skiing, O’Hara) and the Mystery Bass Player. The hardest part about being in a band is finding a band name! We love rock and roll and writing ORIGINALS! Read More
  • Stella Drapkin

    Stella Drapkin

    My name is Stella Drapkin and I'm 17 years old. I have been playing the bass and the ukulele since 6th grade. It was around that time that I started working with Scotty and Madison Meadow Music Studio. Since then I have been in several bands (one with Scotty called Bella Steel), opened Read More
  • Mariah Stevens

    Mariah Stevens

    I am Mariah Stevens and I love music! I find inspiration to play and write music everywhere I go. As an extremely busy pre-school teacher and a U.O student, I sometimes forget how important music is to me. However, I am so lucky to have grown up in Eugene, a place of musical Read More
  • Eden Pierce

    Eden Pierce

    An accomplished pianist, bassist, drummer, singer, and actor, Eden Pierce (17 yrs) was a founding member of one of Madison Meadow Music’s very first youth bands ”The Sub Pilots" from the age of nine, She contributed her bass and keyboard skills in musical support of the original theatrical production "The Trial of Prometheus" Read More
  • Eli Calalang-LaCroix

    Eli Calalang-LaCroix

    Hi, I’m Eli. I first met Scotty through Imagine That! and have worked with him developing what turned into The Music Compass for several years now. I never took lessons from him, but I’m super excited for this to be a thing. As for my own musical experience, I started on Shona (Zimbabwean) Read More
  • The Sub Pilots

    The Sub Pilots

    The Sub Pilots were one of the very first and by far the most prolific of all the student bands to come out of Madison Meadow Music to date. They played for nearly four years as an ensemble before moving on to other projects on their horizons, covering a diverse array of groups Read More
  • The Food Frontier

    The Food Frontier

    Food Frontier is comedic currently two-man band known for culinary-themed hits such as "Chocolate Broccoli" "Pasta!" "Crepes" "Pledge To Pizza" and the hip-hop classic "SALT!" They are currently working on an original suite of Star-Wars-based food parodies! Read More
  • Chaos Bear

    COMING SOON! Read More
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