Student Gallery

Eli Calalang-LaCroix

  • Eli playing the marimba with others.
  • Eli playing the maracas.
  • Eli playing the marimba in performance with others.

Hi, I’m Eli. I first met Scotty through Imagine That! and have worked with him developing what turned into The Music Compass for several years now. I never took lessons from him, but I’m super excited for this to be a thing.

As for my own musical experience, I started on Shona (Zimbabwean) marimba, which is what you can see me playing in my photos and video clips. I play jazz and classical bass trombone, and I recently picked up euphonium. I’m a self-taught ukulele player. I’ve dabbled to varying degrees in bass, tuba, drums, theremin, and guitar. Anyone who knows me knows I sing a lot, not formally, just in my daily life.

While not doing music, I like learning about all sorts of things, making puns, and spending time with people and animals.




 You can also watch Eli practicing and performing here.